Controlled companies


UAB “VTEX Investicijos” owns two subsidiaries – UAB “VTEX” and UAB “Ex Datum”. Over 95% of the income the Group receives from the export to the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

UAB “VTEX” focuses on publishing services in mathematics and physics. UAB “VTEX” provides LaTeX-based publishing solutions and data services to the scientific community and science publishers for 25 years. The company collaborates closely with the academic community worldwide. UAB “VTEX” also implements investments, supported by the European Union’s Structural Funds and the Lithuanian Government that are necessary for systems development.

UAB “Ex Datum” specializes in data excerption from chemistry journals and patents, maintenance of databases of chemical compounds and managing remote teams. UAB “Ex Datum” participates in international projects related to data recognition. The company provides services since 2006.